Bruce Ward

Bruce Ward

Bruce is a longtime outdoor enthusiast and passionate advocate for finding meaningful ways to connect all Americans to our public lands. He has decades of experience working as a consultant for various companies focused on public/private partnerships and increasing support for outdoor recreation. Some of his contributions include serving as a founder of the Continental Divide Trail Alliance (CDTA), respected as one of the most successful grassroots organizations of its kind; the first President of the Washington, DC based American Hiking Society, where he was responsible for consolidating various aspects of that national non-profit into a professional and effective advocacy organization; and as the first National Coordinator of National Trails Day, he helped lay the foundation of what is now one of the most successful celebrations of the outdoor experience coupled with a message of volunteerism. Bruce also co-chaired the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Resource Partnership and was recognized as a White House Champion of Change for Rural America.

Bruce is a proud member of Rotary International, serving as President of the Rotary Club of Conifer and current member of the Mile High club in Denver, as well as an assistant Scout Master. He lives in Denver, Colorado. Prior to moving to Denver he lived in Pine, Colorado and had been evacuated from his home three times due to catastrophic wildfires.

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Brian Kelleghan
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Harry Scarborough

Harry Scarborough, Legal Counsel

A graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Oregon School of Law, Harry is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast with a special passion for promoting sustainable, mixed use of our nations forests. Over his nearly 20 year legal career, Harry has represented a broad range of individual, corporate, and non-profit clients, including Western state landowners focused on restoring, preserving, and enhancing access to wild and open spaces. Harry is particularly proud of his four-year involvement with Choose Outdoors and looks forward to continuing to provide pro bono legal services in support of Choose Outdoors' mission to promote access to and use of our public lands.


Choose Outdoors engages a network of established industry professionals to help bring initiatives to life.
Jodi Massey

Jodi Massey

Minneapolis-based consultant specializing in communication, project management, and experiential marketing. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with high-profile brands such as Best Buy, Coca-Cola, and NASCAR and more recently on behalf of the National Park Service and U.S Forest Service through non-profit partners Mississippi Park Connection and Choose Outdoors. Jodi loves to solve to big challenges, such as figuring out how to get a 70-foot tree from Anchorage to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, and bringing people together, such as enticing thousands of hearty Minnesotans to get outside and celebrate our infamous winter season. Jodi currently serves as Communication and Sponsorship Director for the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree initiative and as Bruce’s go-to problem solver. Jodi received a BA in Communication and Management Studies from St. Olaf College and a Master of Arts in Leadership from Augsburg College. She is active in the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club, having led youth literacy and clean water initiatives. She and her husband, Patrick, travel as much as time and money allow, which is slightly less than it used to be with three-year old twins at home.


James Edward Mills

James is a 2014 Fellow of the Mountain & Wilderness Writing Program of the Banff Centre in Alberta Canada. As a freelance journalist and an independent media producer in a career that spans more than 20 years he specializes in telling stories about outdoor recreation, environmental conservation, acts of charitable giving and practices of sustainable living. He has worked in the outdoor industry since 1989 as a guide, outfitter, independent sales representative, writer, and photographer. He is the author of the new book “The Adventure Gap: Changing the Face of the Outdoors”. He has provided photography and social media support for the U.S. Capitol Christmas since 2015. James is a contributor to several outdoor-focused print and online publications such as National Geographic Adventure, Rock & Ice, Alpinist, SUP, Elevation Outdoors, Women’s Adventure, the,Park Advocate, High Country News, Appalachia Journal, The Guarding, Outside Magazine and Land & People.  

Candra Burns

Candra built her foundation by volunteering as a child.While attending college, she resurrected the Natural Resources Club, interned with a forestry company, Rayonier Inc., and joined Society of American Foresters in WA State (WSSAF). As the WSSAF communications chair she currently develops creative media content across their social media platforms, researches content that promotes sustainable use of natural resources, and coordinates social media efforts at the state level with all of the chapters to raise awareness of the society. She realized her passion for media marketing through these efforts. Her inspiration comes from the people who gave her hope and the people who give her hope for the future. These are the generous people who work every day to grow and help each other equally. Candra wishes to help others have a voice and build an online presence. She holds two associates degrees from Grays Harbor College and a Bachelor of Science from The Evergreen State College. She is a proud military spouse with the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Olivia Tinney

Olivia has been a part of the Choose Outdoors team sine 2016, and is dedicated to engaging the next generation of youth in the great outdoors. She enjoys storytelling through photography, videography, and writing, and has a passion for all aspects of the outdoor industry. When she’s not writing or photographing for Choose Outdoors, you can usually find this Florida native out on the trails in the foothills of Boulder, CO.

Paula Ward 

Paula is a landscape architect experienced in large scale trail and park planning to intimate residential design. She credits her education with the ability to look at the big picture while considering the small details. Paula, who is married to Bruce Ward, worked alongside Bruce as the founder and co-Executive Director for the non-profit Continental Divide Trail Alliance for fifteen years. Here she created innovative programs to engage youth and the public, worked closely with federal land managers, managed grant and volunteer programs and headed up strategic planning, budget and financial matters.

Envie Media

is a passionate team of experts that specialize in web development, graphic design, and visual communication for entrepreneurs, startups, small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. Envie assists Choose Outdoors by supporting web development needs across platforms and initiatives.

Management Partners, Inc.

Management Partners, Inc. provides accounting services exclusively to nonprofit organizations. The staff of Management Partners, Inc. represents diverse backgrounds including accounting, executive management, nonprofit consulting, and software support. Management Partners has worked with Choose Outdoors for more than 7 years in support of their mission.

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